Program Description
Grades 6-8

Woodlawn Middle Academic Magnet is a rigorous, magnet program designed to meet the academic and intellectual needs of accelerated students. Students enrolled in the academy will be taught by advanced, highly-qualified teachers including those who are National Board Certified or those with gifted certification. Academic excellence will continue to be demonstrated through a commitment to incorporating multi-dimensional instruction focused on the students’ unique needs for success in higher learning opportunities. Multiple assessment strategies will be employed to monitor individualized student learning progress and academic success. High expectations and personalized support will be clearly articulated and implemented to address the learning styles and interests of all students.
Woodlawn will continue its strong academic performance and proven track record as a school of excellence. In addition, students will be offered magnet electives including, but not limited to: robotics, forensics, and other STEM focused areas. Students will have access to one-to-one technology learning environments using a variety of technology that includes Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and other adaptive mobile devices.
Students enrolled in the Magnet Program will take all accelerated core subjects (math, English, social studies and science) together. Students will learn through a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum. Students will also have the opportunity to enroll in pre-Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English and math.  Courses offered for high school credit include Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science, Spanish I, ACT Prep, Keyboarding and Keyboarding Application, Journey to Careers, Media Arts and Orchestra.  Students will participate in discovery field experiences and cultural enrichment activities.  Additionally, Accelerated Reader™ (AR), a program designed to motivate and encourage students to read, will be offered at each grade level.
Extracurricular activities include specialized clubs including but not limited to robotics, culinary art, chess, coding, math counts, STEM club, and world geography club. 
The student-teacher ratio for the program is 25:1, which is aligned with most of the academic magnet programs in the district. 
Academic Requirements 
To be eligible for the program, applicants must have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average for the last four (4) consecutive semesters and a proficient score in math and English Language Arts on the most recent norm or criterion referenced standardized assessment. 
To remain in the program, students must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.50 at the end of the school year and follow the policies and procedures as outlined in the Student/Parent Magnet Contract.  
Come to Woodlawn Middle School where we celebrate academic achievement and positive character traits.  We believe in educating the whole child.  As Aristotle said, “Excellence is never an accident.”

If you have any questions about the Magnet Program at Woodlawn Middle School, please contact Raina Spurlock the Magnet Site Coordinator, at 751-0436.

Magnet commercial 2019

Magnet commercial 2019

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