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Social Studies

Alexander, Phillis

Diaz, Victor

Malik, Raees

email coming soon 

Oatley, Matthew

Parker, William

Settle, Marshall

Scott, Lorna

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Addison, Dalila

Anders, Audry

Burleigh, Olivia

Dunn, Joanette

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Gentle, Winston

Gray, Perry

Guillen, Marlyn

Hearty, Kaitlyn

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Hudson, Renee

Knight, Kristie

London, Rena

McCumsey, Jessica

Scott, Carla

Warner, Ashley


Breaux, Michael

Gutierrez, Angela

email coming soon 

Hayes, Vanessa

Lewis, Maura

Madere, Stefka

McMahon, James

Roper, Russell


Rennhoff, Elizabeth



Brown, Jessica

Fant, Crystal

email coming soon

Faradj, Mabrouck

Farokhkish, Perouz

email coming soon 

Funchess, Sondia

Lewis, Maura

Lorio, Dennis

email coming soon

McClain, Sandra

Miller, James

Provino, Allison

Shelley, James

Story, Amy

Wilson, Kellie

Physical Education

Barba, Jeremy

Bowman, Terryl

Guilbeaux, Benny

Jacob, Taylor

email coming soon

Plauche, Christopher

Sterling, Leviticus

Community Based

Akerele, Scondria

email coming soon 

Kisamore, Patricia

Wyman, Cynthia

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