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Below is a virtual, 360 degree, tour of the most visited areas of our campus.  Above each map is a description of the area.  You can look all around the area by holding down your mouse while dragging it around.

The Rotunda

The rotunda is located in the entrance to the school.  It displays many of the school's awards and accomplishments as well as the pillars of our school.

The Library

The library is located at the center of our school.  It is filled with the latest books for students, as well as fun interactive activities that students can work on together.

The Makerspace

The makerspace is located in the library.  It is a place for students to create and build using technology resources.

The Gym

The gym is located in the rear of the school.  Our volleyball and basketball teams host their home games here each year.

The Art Room

Art is one of the most popular electives.  The art room is filled with displays from previous students.

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